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Laminar Flow Bench

MNM Laminar Flow Bench is the most effective method of ensuring a clean zone around a critical work or inspection process

Introducing a Class 100 vertical air flow that provides a contamination controlled environment at an economical cost. Low cost laminar flow units are designed to increase productivity and product quality while reducing wasteful rejects.

It is perfect for a full range of manufacturing and inspection processes in the semi-conductor, microelectronic, pharmaceutical or bio-medical industries.


  • Converts virtually any industrial space into a temporary clean zone.

  • The module can be quickly installed in the castor support frame to provide a mobile laminar flow station that can transport wherever you need it.

  • HEPA fan filter module with adjustable speed control.

  • Enclosed with anti-static panel.

  • Available with a variety of work surfaces to meet many applications.

  • Optional ionizing equipment ensures static safety in laminar flow applications.

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